Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Challenge.

I was to read four hours of Cross-Cultural Communication last Saturday. On my way to the lecture, I had a phone call that informed me, that the professor that was to read Introduction to Language Studies that same day, had an unforseeable emergency and couln't read his lecture. So, I was asked if I could somehow combine 4-year Cross-Cultural Communication and 1-year Introduction to Language Studies, two in one. 

This could be a definition of a professor's nightmare, standing in front of well over a hundred students, freshmen and graduates combined, without a prepared lecture.

It turned out, that I could handle it all right. 

I did it by focusing the lecture on the concepts of "language" and "communication" in general, pointing out the potential problem points for cross-cultural communication in particular as we were passing them by. It was also lucky that both lectures were supposed to be inroductory. But still, I'm sort of proud of myself.