Thursday, February 17, 2011

A joke to go with the previous post.

Once upon a time there was a kindergarten class that went on a field trip on the school bus, and, as they were ready to go home, the bus wouldn't start. The driver opens the hood and looks inside trying to determine the problem, and then one child comes up and says:

- I know why we aren't going anywhere!

- Fine, now go play with the kids, - replies the driver, and, since he can't see anything broken, but the bus still wouldn't start, he calls road assistance. They take a couple of hours to arrive, and, as they're checking out everything from gas tank to battery, and everything seems to be all right, they hear the same child say:

I know why we aren't going anywhere!

"What can this little nuisance know?" - think the men, and tell the child to go, erm, play with other kids again. But no matter what they do, the bus still doesn't start. So the road assistance leaves, promising to locate another bus for them, and arrange to tow their bus to service, but the time passes, and help is not in sight. So the desperate driver goes under the bus again, checking this and that, and the same child goes on: 

I know why we aren't going anywhere! 

The driver is so desperate by the time, that he begins to think, who knows? Maybe the child's dad is a mechanic? Maybe the child overheard some grownups discussing the problem and remembered the solution? Maybe the child has some supernatural powers? It doesn't hurt to ask, does it? So the driver stoops and says:

- O.K., if you know what's wrong, tell me!

- It's all because the bus won't start! 


My wife remembered this joke as we were talking about the bad science yesterday.  Thank you, Sunshine! From now on I shall refer to the kind of "discoveries" I wrote about in the previous post as the "I-know-what's-up-with-the-bus solutions". 

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